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“Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy -Part 2

By shingo

This is Part 2 of the effective Traffic Getting Strategies my bud Brad Campbell let me share with you. The part one of  these Traffic Building Strategy posts talks about about the mindset and “getting your feet wet” for building a boat load of visitors and turn your site into an income generator). “Lazy Man” …

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FWF – Blog Contest Result

By shingo

Last month several Fitness Website Formula contestants raced off to becoming the No.1 in improving the website… I’d like to announce the winner of the “Win A Blog” Contest I mathematically recorded the before and after measurements on an excel sheet and compared everyone’s scores according to the criteria I posted. The winner:

How To Choose The Right Keywords For Your Business

By shingo

Finding the right keywords for your business is one of the most important aspects of getting business online. Since people search online mainly through using keywords, a relationship between you and keywords can be best described as your sales channels. Yet, most SEO services make YOU choose the keywords – before you spend your hard …

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Web Design For Traffic Conversion

By shingo

This post is about – How To Design A Site That Converts Traffic. Through building hundreds of websites with my own hands and seeing the results my clients get, I got better at improving SEO (search engine optimization) and traffic conversion for them. Successful websites are designed with this conversion in mind. Here is the …

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