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Who is This Guy “Shingo” Anyway?

Hi, I’m Shingo Suzumura. I’m currently the owner of SZ Creative Solutions, and Fitness Website Formula – this product alone generates over 5 figures a month, but my business path wasn’t always carved out for me.

“Poor” athlete

hurdler 150x150 AboutI spent a good portion of 25 years of my life dedicating to Track and Field. In fact training was my life and I almost made it to the Olympic trials in 2004, but I barley made any money from it and hated that I had to rely on my family. When I was in college I worked as a dishwasher and a waiter at a local Japanese restaurant, and I had no clue how to run a business.

Thankfully one skill that I picked up while I was running was web design. I got fascinated by what the Internet has to offer. As passionate person as I am (hey, it’s true!), reading a book on HTML soon turned into a freelance, then later turned into a full-time job at various web agencies. Today, I get to say my professional career so far involves working for Legendary Pictures, BMW, TBN, TV Japan, and FBBC… and the list goes on.

“Carving My Business Path”

Boy, it wasn’t easy to climb up the career ladder in web industry without having any college degree in computer science or graphic design training. (Oh did I mention that I couldn’t say a single sentence in English until I was 18 years old?) I basically self-taught all the design and programming skills including the knowledge of SEO. I worked hard. I worked really hard because I naturally have a strong work ethic as part of who I am but I wanted to prove myself. In a short span of 2-3 years, I earned an MBA degree while working full-time and I also worked two jobs to start my own company. I would typically get up at 7am and go to work, come home at 6pm and after eating dinner, start working again until 1-2am and start all over next day (and I worked on weekends) – that was wild!

“Connecting Together”

What happened was I went from making a few hundred dollars a month freelancing to making 5 figures a month in a little over two years.

I don’t have a short cut that I can teach people how to instantly become successful (and I don’t believe in the shortcuts), but I do know you can choose to have a right mentality to succeed. For me, I kept doing my best in what I believed I’m good at.

I work with people I sincerely admire such as Chris McCombs and Bedros Keuilian to name a few. And my clients are such awesome and decent people. I especially feel joy in working with sports and fitness professionals because of my background.

Lastly but not least, this blog is about sharing the tips and tactics for growing your business online. I hope you will find knowing me makes it easier for you to succeed in your business and live your life to the fullest.

Committed to your success,

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Shingo Suzumura

P.S. Check out the SEO optimized WordPress theme on the upper right corner of this page. I regularly send out secret and hot business strategies and tools to my community.

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