“Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy -Part 2

By shingo | July 31, 2010

This is Part 2 of the effective Traffic Getting Strategies my bud Brad Campbell let me share with you. The part one of  these Traffic Building Strategy posts talks about about the mindset and “getting your feet wet” for building a boat load of visitors and turn your site into an income generator).

“Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy Guest Post by Brad Campbell

4. Pinging is “a Must”

After doing your comprehensive research, applying the simple on-site optimization and writing a super helpful post, you’ll want to make sure and PING that puppy upon publishing.  Refer to 6 simple SEO tips and follow the instructions for pinging your blog posts.

This tactic is killer and it’ll allow your posts to get discovered immediately by the search engines (any post I write these days will be on the first page of Google within 1-2 minutes after publishing [for my long-tailed keyword] thanks to pinging…it’s that powerful).

linkbuilding rocks “Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy  Part 25. BackLink Rocks

Be sure to link back to that blog post from other blog posts, using your keyword as the anchor text to the link.  When all of these steps are followed correctly, you should be able to rank on the first page of Google for nearly ALL of the individual posts you write.

From there, the traffic compounds.  One post may bring you 20 visitors a day and the next post may bring you 15 new visitors a day, and so on.  Pretty soon you’ve got 20-30 posts that are all chipping in towards your total website traffic.  It doesn’t take long at all to reach the 1k visitors/day mark and since your content will be straight fire, there’s a good chance of new visitors telling their friends.

6. ABLB (always be list building)

Encourage visitors to opt in and don’t be afraid to go a little overboard with this.  Every page of my blog has at least 2 different opt in forms and I usually end each post by reminding new visitors to sign up.  These simple steps have drastically increased my opt in rates. It should go without saying that you want to really hook these people up when they do opt in.

If you give them crap, you’ve instantly ruined your credibility and they’ll be less likely to come back and refer friends.  But if you really go all out and give them some useful content/tools, they’re sure to stop back often and spread the word for you.  You can take this one step further and offer your subscribers an ethical bribe when they register – tell them if they get 10 friends to visit your site and opt in, you’ll give them more free gifts.  This works like a charm and it all leads to more targeted traffic for you.

That’s pretty much all there is to the “lazy man’s (or woman’s) traffic system”.

Doing exactly these steps has allowed me to quickly build my blog traffic, without having to pay a dime or spend countless hours doing traditional link building methods.  Granted, it’s always a good idea to build quality links…but it’s nice to start getting traffic and making money FIRST and then you have the option to outsource those kinds of tasks.

Seriously, if you follow these steps you’ll get awesome results for what little time you invested.  The cool thing is that this strategy pays you back for the rest of your life, because generally once you have a post ranking well…you don’t even have to touch it again and it will continue to bring traffic and sales day after day.Brad “Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy  Part 1

Brad Campbell
Traffic & “RockStar” Blogging Expert

Brad Campbell is a rising SEO and traffic generation expert. I personally witnessed him growing his blog Extreme Fat Loss Workout from less than 100 visitors/day to 2000+ visitors/day in 6 months. Fast forward 3 more months, today his blog gets 4000+ visitors/day which generates multiple, 6-figure online revenues.

Comment your questions and feedback to Brad below.

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