“Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy -Part 1

By shingo | July 27, 2010

“Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy Guest Post by Brad Campbell

traffic struggle “Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy  Part 1If you’re struggling to increase website traffic, I feel your pain.  Or, at least I used to feel your pain.  I remember when Shingo finished my blog and I threw up my first few posts.  My thought process went something like this:  Damn, I’ve got a killer looking blog and I’ll be adding excellent content often, so people will pretty much find me and spread the word for me…that’s how I’ll get traffic to this bad boy and soon I’ll need a rake for all the dough I’ll be making.

After about 30 days of obsessively checking my Google analytics account each morning – only to see a few dozen lonely visitors who’d magically stumbled upon my site – I realized my thought process was dead wrong.  The whole “if you build it, they will come” thing doesn’t work in the online world.

So I spent the next few weeks learning everything I possibly could about traffic generation.  I read forums, traffic-related blog posts and even bought a few products from various experts. I learned a boatload of valuable information that served me well, plus I came up with some pretty cool strategies of my own.

Fast forward several months and now my Google analytics account doesn’t look so pathetic.  On good days, I’ve gotten as many as 3k visitors from over 100 different countries…and the cool thing is that almost all of my traffic comes from organic search results.lazy man traffic main “Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy  Part 1

I started with no list and absolutely suck at PPC (I learned this the hard way trying to advertise for my old in-person personal training biz), so what I’ve accomplished in terms of traffic can certainly be mimicked by anyone who’s struggling or just starting out.

Now don’t get me wrong – by no means do I think I’m da bomb and there are plenty of sites that would put mine to shame.  In fact, I won’t be satisfied until I hit my goal of 10k visitors per day and an Alexa rank of 50k or lower…so I’ve got a lot of work to do yet.  But, I wanted you to know that I did manage to drive a good amount of traffic to my blog in a short period of time…and I think you can too.

So without further rambling, here are some of my best tips to help you generate swarms of targeted traffic to your site…I call this the “lazy man’s traffic system,” since everything I’m going to talk about lets you get maximum amounts of visitors without having to do a bunch of work above and beyond your blog posts (like link building, commenting on other blogs, wasting time in forums, playing on Facebook and Twitter, etc)…

screen topfatlosstrainer “Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy  Part 11. Don’t Be Stingy.

If you plan on building a legitimate online business through your blog (or sales page, squeeze page, etc), it needs to look dope.  Trust me, I tried the do-it-yourself website design and although I was pretty proud of my work, its freggin embarrassing when I compare it to my new blog.  No wonder the damn thing NEVER converted.

I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve had on my new site. Remember, studies show that you have something like 3 measly seconds to grab a visitor’s attention…and if someone lands on your site and it sucks to look at, guess what?  They’re all over that ‘back button’ like white on rice.  Not cool.

Forking out a little extra cash for a professional design that is specifically themed for your niche is crucial.  This makes you look  unique and stand apart from all the other “me too” blogs out there.  I recommend using Shingo, but of course I might be a bit biased. ;-)

content is king “Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy  Part 12. Content is king.

Study anyone who’s done big things in any niche online and you’ll hear this line come out of their mouth.  You’re probably wondering why the first two traffic tips have nothing to do with getting more visitors…or do they?

You see, there’s absolutely no reason to go out and work your butt off to drive people back to your site if:  a) it doesn’t look great and b) there isn’t anything on it worth sticking around for.

So, after getting your design tip-top, the next thing you need to do is hammer out at least 10 great posts (if we’re talking about blogs) and fill out all of your pages (example – about, services, contact, etc).  Think about it – if you only have one blog post (or a few blog posts with horrible content) and all your pages say “coming soon,” what type of impression does this give first time visitors?

If you went to a car lot that said ‘open for business,’ but only had one car in the lot and construction was being done everywhere else…would you stay?  Would you buy?  Would you come back?  Hell no, because there’s thousands of other car lots within seconds of that one that are filled with new cars, right?  No one wants to hang out on a blog that feels incomplete.  That’s just human nature…

Also, along those lines, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to encourage a few of your friends to leave a comment under these first few posts.  Same mentality here – a blog with no comments on any posts will give new visitors the feeling that your site is definitely NOT the cool place to hang out.  Even if your content rocks, remember that most people inherently want to be part of something cool and they’re going to get a bad vibe if they think they’re the only one reading your stuff.

3. Traffic comes before you start writing

Okay, now that you’re ready to actually receive traffic, let’s get into some real strategies that’ll have your website begging for a bigger server.  First and foremost (and you need to apply this tip with your first 10 posts, by the way), you need to understand the importance of keyword research.

Basically, you need to grab all the low hanging fruit by going for longer-tailed, less competitive keywords.  So, instead of going after “fat loss,” you’d want to go after something like “fat loss workout routines for men.”  There are several benefits to doing this– the post will be more targeted to your ideal visitor that is the most likely to vibe with your site, come back often and buy your products and services; also, it’s MUCH easier to land that post on the first page of Google, since there’s almost no competition for that phrase.

So this tip alone is a huge double bonus – you get MORE visitors and you get BETTER visitors.  What’s not to like?

Okay, so how do you go about selecting the perfect keywords?  I use the Google keyword tool and enter a fairly general phrase that I’m thinking about blogging on.  Then, I scroll down for new ideas that are more specific, contain more words and have less competition.

Although it’s not an exact science, I usually go after keywords that get around 500 to 5,000 monthly searches.  Then, I take a few of those keywords and do a Google search with the phrase in quotations.  For my above example, a Google search for “fat loss” shows that there are 5.6 MILLION pages competing for that phrase; but a search for “fat loss workout routines for men” only has 2,700 pages.

Pop quiz – which term are you more likely to land on the first page of Google with?  Duh…

I like to use a keyword that has less than 15,000 competing pages when you do an exact search (using quotations) in Google.  When you get better at doing this research, you can start going after phrases that have higher monthly search volumes and slightly higher competition, but to start out…I like to go with keywords that I know will get me ranked and build my traffic steadily.

After you think you’ve found a winner, the last step is to do a Google search for that term without the quotes.  Take a look at the first page results and see which sites are there.  If  you see a lot of articles that are on the first page (like Ezine, ArticleBase, Isnare, etc), that’s a great sign.  However, if you see a lot of big name authority sites like Wikipedia, eHow, etc…that’s a BAD sign, because it’s going to be hard to outrank them.

An easy way to determine which sites you can outrank is to click on each result in the top ten and look at their page rank and Alexa rank.  If you see a bunch of sites that have a page rank of 0, 1, and 2, you’ll probably be able to outrank them.  If you see sites with a page rank of 3, 4, 5 and up, you’re probably NOT going to be able to outrank them.

Hopefully, you can see that the key to getting free traffic that builds your following quickly, is to put a lot of effort into selecting your keyword.  That keyword, of course, is what you’re going to use for the title of your blog post.  Also, make sure to use that exact keyword 2-3 times throughout the post and try to bold it once and italicize it once.

Another cool strategy to use within these guidelines is to get more creative with your keywords.  I’ve done really well combining terms like “fat loss,” “lean body,” “cardio workout,” etc, with other words and phrases… to create long-tailed keywords that have high search volumes and lower competition.  An easy way to do this in the health and fitness niche is to combine a celebrity’s name with “workout” or “diet plan.”

Brad “Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy  Part 1By itself, “workout” is flippin’ impossible to rank for…but “Megan Fox workout” was extremely easy to rank for and brings me a truckload of traffic every day.  This doesn’t have to be limited to celebrities, either.  Be creative and think about events, things in the news, etc that people would be looking for and then work that into your main subject.  The sky is the limit with this tactic…

…To be continued to Part 2 (in the next few days).

Brad Campbell is a rising SEO and traffic generation expert. You can learn more about him on his blog Extreme Fat Loss Workout

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