8 Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your Site

By shingo | March 8, 2010

A few days ago, I’ve asked the winner of our “Win a Blog Contest – Dan Go this question:

An improvement to your site was by far the biggest (A whipping 221% increase in the traffic to his site from January) –What do you think separated you from the completion – could you share with us?

Dan Go is actually our very first premium customer since we started Fitness Website Formula last April. Now he’s dominating his local market with his bootcamp service on an auto-pilot, and getting a ton of business through his sites. Way to go Dan!

Without further ado, here’s Dan’s success story:

Guest Post by Dan Go

increased traffic 8 Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your Site

Hey there… I just want to thank Shingo and the team at FWF for awarding me the free blog.  Since this is the Oscars I feel like I should do an acceptance speech but on second thought… I’ll just give you the straight goods on the Ninja strategies I deployed to increase my traffic by 210% in the past year.

So how did I get more traffic to my website?

I’ll do a quick rundown of all the things I did since getting the site:

  1. Set up my Google ad words campaigns for my main keywords using Market Annihilator.
  2. Started Facebook advertising
  3. Got a bunch of links back to my website using an article submitting service. (I’d recommend Chris McComb’s link building service)
  4. Created a couple of mini optimized sales pages for other keywords I wanted to dominate.  I still have about 100 pages to add but the ones that FWF and I have set up have worked great.
  5. Used the Market Annihilator Google local business ninja strategy to put my business to the top of the local listings.
  6. Edited my sales page to further optimize and strengthen the keyword density for the cities I was targeting. I used to go after a couple of other cities but they were too far away from my area so I decided to replace those keywords with my main cities.
  7. Did the blog posts 7 Secrets to Outsourcing your business and How to Duplicate yourself on KickBackLife.com blog and this generated a ton of traffic and got me a high level site linking back to mine.
  8. I always used my blog post titles to optimize my blog for my main keywords.  So if I was talking about “How to Eat Like a Champ” I would put in my blog, “Markham Personal Trainer reveals how to eat like a champ”.  This makes my posts more search engine friendly.

    In addition, I’m constantly searching for ways to improve my fitness site and blog and I go through FWF for all my website and design needs.

At first I was a little hesitant to get my site done by these guys because well…the investment was high for me at the time and I come from Canada where the exchange rate at the time was not so friendly so I was actually paying more than the sticker price for the blog and sales site….sucked to be from Canada but at least we got hockey and free health care :P

But in the end I have gotten 10 times the amount of money back for my original investment. I get on average 2-3 prospects a day through my sales page.

FWF got me to the first page of Google when I launched my website. Now I’m ranking #2 for my keyword terms and I’m gunning for #1 very soon.

Thanks again for the blog guys and if you haven’t invested in their services… what the hell are you waiting for?  Do it before your competition does.

Dan Go

Dan Go runs Markham and Thornhill Boot Camps and is a Markham personal trainer

Feel free to leave Dan a comment below about his post and any other traffic getting strategies that worked great for you!

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