Google Buzz For Business?

By shingo | February 26, 2010

“Sharing is natural human impulse” – Google

This post is my review of Google Buzz and a wordpress plugin for it.

I think you’ve already noticed this “Google Buzz” if you are using GMAIL.

What is it? Should you use it?

From what I’ve been observing, I’d say Google Buzz might soon become a “must have” social profile like your facebook and twitter profiles, especially for businesses.

This video shows its features:

Makes photo, video, link(website) information sharing easy


  • Built into your inbox (Gmail)
  • Mobile compatible
  • Location oriented (geo tagged to where you are speaking from)
  • Auto follow (Keeps track of who you communicate the most)
  • Sharing (Flickr, Twitter, youtube….)
  • Public or private sharing (Keep info only to the people you know)
  • Fast real time communiation updates

WordPress Plugin:

custom shingo Google Buzz For Business?Could you ignore Google Buzz for your business?

You’ll be the judge :)


P.S. If you want to know more about it, this video is a good one

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