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By shingo | February 22, 2010

In this post, I want to show you how easily you can optimize your blog post for Google with wordpress.  I decided to do so in a video – it came out fantastic….  Not! Read on… LOL

Seriously, aside from a little annoying flickering, I think the content in the video itself is pretty good.

I recommend watching it in a full screen mode (click on the black square icon next to the volume control)

Enjoy : ) (Since it’s high resolution, it might take 20 seconds or more to load the video)


Duration: 13 min

live example Optimize Blog Post For Google

I did a blog post about traffic conversion on 1/18/2010.  On 2/8/2010, my ranking was a 3rd place on the 1st page of Google (in about 3 weeks).

optimize blog post 1 Optimize Blog Post For Google

It didn’t stop there.

On 2/20/2010, despite the fast that competition got somewhat more intense, my post moved up to the No. 1 position in Google for “Web Design For Traffic Conversion” (in about 5 weeks).

This tells me that Google puts a lot of weight on a HTML title in terms of site rankings.

optimize blog post 2 Optimize Blog Post For Google

key points Optimize Blog Post For Google

1. Remember, 5 steps to optimize blog post are:

  1. Compelling and optimized post title
  2. Permalink (post URL)
  3. Internal links (Use keywords for anchor text link and a rel=”nofollow” attribute)
  4. Meta Tags and HTML title
  5. Use of categories or tags

2.  Once Google caches your page, I don’t recommend changing your permalink for your blog.

3. I prefer using categories over tags since its more natural way to show your keywords than tags which looks a little spammy to end users in my opinion.

custom shingo Optimize Blog Post For GoogleHope to see you at the top of Google. Sorry about flickers… that’s what I get for testing a free screen recording software ;)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot them below…


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