Link Building – 3 Easier and Affordable SEO Tactics

By shingo | January 19, 2010

I put this together because so many of my clients have been asking me about link building – an essential part of SEO.

If your site is SEO optimized and designed well to capture your prospects, then I’d say you are ready to take advantage of the SEO techniques below.

link building seo Link Building   3 Easier and Affordable SEO Tactics(On a side note, if you don’t have a site yet, make sure your site is optimized in terms of keyword selection and a good link structure with higher PageRanks on your “money pages” while keeping the design strictly for traffic conversion.)

I bet most of your competitors don’t know these tactics or haven’t used them, so I’d say doing these things will definitely put your site in front of your customers more.

Here’s what you do. I’ll explain about each below.

  1. Directory submission
  2. Article submission
  3. Vertical listing

1. Directory Submission

Basically, in directory submission, you’re gonna have your site listed on large directory sites. The two major sites where you should submit your site are:

  • Yahoo Directory ( – It costs $299/year but it’s worth it in a long run
  • – free

Also, if your business is local, you should get your site listed on Google Local Business Center and Yahoo Local.

Even if you don’t do anything else, doing this alone should help your site’s ranking almost right away.

2. Article submission

The key to article submission is getting unique contents (relevant to your site) written and posting them to the sites. If you are allowed to include a hyperlink in your article, here’s an example of how you’d want to do it:


If you are frustrated with your diet, Personal Training Orange County fitness program can help you get to your fitness goals with nutritional guidance, proper exercise programs, and motivation.

You see, the underline indicates the link. In a HTML view, it looks like this:

<a href=””>Personal Trainer Orange County</a>

These are a few free content submission sites I recommend:


3. Vertical listing

Vertical directory listing is to get your site listed on a directory within the same market, and it could be effective since usually you can list multiple pages of your site.

Also, being listed in vertical directories is a plus for SEO since your site will be linked from a page/site relevant to your targeting keywords.

These sites may help you find good vertical directories in your market:


The key to doing these SEO tactics well is to build a sustainable marketing process that naturally involves link building (such as writing articles monthly for partner fitness sites).

It’s called link building since you are creating links on other sites pointing back to your site.

Check other stronger authority sites (that have higher pagerank than yours) in your market by using Google Toolbar, Alexa, and Yahoo! Site Explorer. Chances are, not every single one of them is your competitor – some might be even willing to work with you.

I hope you’ll find this information useful. Let me know if you have any questions.

To your success,


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