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By shingo | January 18, 2010

online success1 Web Design For Traffic Conversion

This post is about – How To Design A Site That Converts Traffic.

Through building hundreds of websites with my own hands and seeing the results my clients get, I got better at improving SEO (search engine optimization) and traffic conversion for them.

Successful websites are designed with this conversion in mind.

Here is the list of topics that affects your site’s traffic conversion:

  1. Well designed site header
  2. Good copy – aka content
  3. Action trigger – that’s what I call for something that triggers a user to take an action such as newsletter sign up, contact form, order button, and etc.

1. Header – Design with Purpose

inviting front Web Design For Traffic ConversionA header is one of the most important elements of your web design. It is like the front of your house – communicating to your users about the identity, character, and a purpose of your site.

The reality is that you only have about 8 seconds before your audience decides to leave or stay on your site. If your header is designed well, you’ll  pass the 8 second test and your audience will come in through your front door.

Here’s a good rule of thumb:

You’d want to make sure your header has a…

  • Well designed logo for your market
  • Compelling tagline
  • Clean and well organized site navigation

Also, you’d want to keep your header short (not too tall) because your repeat audience dosen’t need to spend too much time at your front door, they’ve been inside of your house already – they just want to come in and get right to your content.Here are some examples of well-designed headers in fitness industry:

conversion good header5 Web Design For Traffic Conversion

2. Having good copy (Content)

Some people don’t realize this. You’d always want to prioritize on content before pitching your products & services. After all, a majority of searchers on the Internet exists for information searches. There’s a way to give just the right amount of information to convince your prospects to buy from you.

Never just put a picture of your product and a buy button and expect everyone that comes to your site to buy it. Even if your entire site is about selling your service, you’d want to approach your audience with the best information you have (such as your background and product features) and solid social proofs (People don’t generally buy online from a complete stranger).

Good web copy writers are often expensive, but if you don’t have time learning and writing it yourself, consider hiring a professional copy writer. It makes a difference in your return on investment, and you’ll be glad.

3. Action Trigger

I’m not talking about just posting a phone number and contact us link on your site. You’d need a strong and tested call to action and an effective method to capture your audience’s information.

Examples are:

  • Newsletter sign up form placed above the fold.
  • Sign up message right blow your personal guarantee.
  • Order buttons placed right under the testimonials.

action trigger eg Web Design For Traffic Conversion

Internet marketers are testing these copy- and graphic-wise all the time. Having someone sign up requires their emotion and energy – which you are going to encourage on your page.

Is traffic conversion the best answer to a successful website? No, but focusing on it will definitely improve the performance of your site. If you need  a help with improving and measuring your conversion, let me know.

Would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.


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