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Sam Baktihar (Fitness Concepts)
“ I am so happy so I thought I'd share this with you. Today I met with the VP of YellowBook.com. His knowledge of internet marketing was truly incredible. He did a quick check of my website... ”
Chris Collins
“ You guys are the best! I'd recommend SZ Creative to anyone who wants a cutting-edge website that not only looks fantastic, but brings you results... ”
Omar Morales
“ The SZ team deliverd exactly what they said they would in the time frame they said, which is VERY HARD to find. They delivered a better website for a cheaper price in a quarter of the time! It's a no brainer to go with SZ! ”
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rsync – A Way to Copy Files on the Fly!
Recently I’ve found a blazing fast way to move/copy a website from one location to another. It’s so fast that literally you can copy an entire site to another directory or host while you are stretching your neck for a moment! Key to this process is using a Linux utility called rsync. Before you begin you should know: ...

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Important Lessons)
I’ve made a TON of mistakes in the short amount of time I’ve been online.  And although I’ve made a nice passive income primarily from affiliate marketing, there are certainly things I’d do differently if I had to start over today… In this multi-series affiliate marketing post, I’m gonna start with one of the “biggies” ...

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“Lazy Man” Traffic Building Strategy -Part 2
This is Part 2 of the effective Traffic Getting Strategies my bud Brad Campbell let me share with you. The part one of  these Traffic Building Strategy posts talks about about the mindset and “getting your feet wet” for building a boat load of visitors and turn your site into an income generator). “Lazy Man” ...

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